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Israel’s slaughter of the Palestinians has been going on for six months with no end in sight. Columbia students set up an encampment on campus, which has spread like wildfire throughout the country. However, the police are attempting to isolate the most militant students and have amped up the repression against them. This is an outrage! The struggle must be escalated now. There must be a national student strike to free Palestine and fight back against the repression! Everybody out! No business as usual as Gaza burns!

For months, there have been mass protests against the genocide, yet nothing has changed. A national student strike can rally all those who are outraged by the U.S.-backed Zionist genocide. Strike committees are necessary to mobilize nationwide for a coordinated strike. It can be the spark that spreads a fire more broadly in society, crucially to the labor movement which has the power to stop arms shipments.

Elite universities have always been bastions of racist U.S. imperialism. Just look at the resume of Columbia University’s current president and countless others. The administration and the board of trustees are the class enemy; this is why they are so quick to sic the cops on their own students. The point shouldn’t be to tinker with the investment portfolios of these institutions of U.S. imperialism, but to stand for the liberation of Palestine! It will take waging class war against them to make a change, not trying to morally persuade them to invest in less genocidal projects.

  • Shut down the campuses tight! Strike a blow at the university barons and the U.S. imperialists!
  • Abolish the administration—for student/teacher/worker control!
  • Form student strike committees to centralize the struggle!
  • Down with the McCarthyite witchhunt! No reprisals!
  • Free Palestine!