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The UAW strike is going into week six. Workers are hurting and struggling to survive on strike pay. Fain’s strategy isn’t working—it’s just dragging this out. We need to take decisive action to wrap this up—and win!

Workers want to fight, and not just in auto. Blue Cross Blue Shield workers have been out for nearly seven weeks. Thousands of casino workers just walked off the job. The black masses in Detroit are fed up with racist abuse from the cops and the bosses. The situation is explosive and would take only a spark to ignite. But the leadership still refuses to broaden the fight and mobilize the power necessary to force the bosses to submit.

We can’t keep waiting to see what Fain will do. Workers have to take matters into their own hands. The first step is to organize meetings with co-workers and plan the next steps. Strike committees must be formed to carry out a winning strategy despite the current course of the leadership. We need to shut down the plants, stop the scabs and wage a battle to unite all the workers and oppressed in Detroit in struggle against our common enemy.

Spread the Strike!

If you work in a plant that is not struck, organize with your co-workers to shut it down. Strike committees must send groups of workers to other plants and other workforces to set up pickets and get those workers to join the strike. Many workers at River Rouge want to join the battle, and a UAW victory would benefit every worker in the city. Black people, many unemployed and segregated in the ghetto, have every interest in beating the bosses who for decades have ruined their lives, and everybody knows it. If this is actually going to be a fight for the whole working class, we need to organize all the workers and oppressed to fight! All of Detroit must go out!

Stop the Scabs!

This strike can’t win if cars keep rolling out of the plants. Delaying scabs for five minutes is a sick joke. Strike committees need to call on all workers in the city, students and the unemployed to come out and build mass picket lines. Only mobilizing the masses of workers and the oppressed beyond the membership of the UAW will stop the scabs and back down the cops and company goons. If this is really “class warfare” against the “billionaire class,” like Fain says, we need to stop playing by the billionaires’ rules that screw us. We need to stop the scabs!

Fight Now!

Lots of workers are watching the horrors in Gaza and wondering what they can do. The main thing that workers can do to fight for Palestinian liberation is to win this strike! A major blow against the capitalist rulers here will throw a wrench in the plans of the bosses and their government, who are destroying everything from Detroit to Ukraine to Gaza.

The time to act is now! By refusing to unleash the power required to win, Fain is dragging this out and weakening our position. Workers are getting impatient with the games he’s playing—it’s getting colder, and money is getting tighter. Workers who want to win need to fight and carry out a winning strategy today!

Build a general strike to end tiers, rebuild Detroit and fight for black liberation!