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Everyone is fighting the same inflation and the same Tory government. Each workplace is fighting the same employer — but the unions stand divided. When the RMT strikes, ASLEF members go to work; when the RCN strikes, GMB and Unison go to work, and on and on to defeat. Crossing picket lines has been normalised. Something must be done! Picket lines used to mean something. Think of the heroic miners strike of 1984-85. The labour movement must return to that tradition.

Let's unite the broadest possible forces to fight for:

  • Build picket lines – Don't cross them!
    Convince all your co-workers of this principle.
  • Enough of unions scabbing on each other's strikes!
    Reverse the policy of unions instructing their members to cross picket lines.
  • Defend all who refuse to cross picket lines!
    Against reprisals, the labour movement must have their backs.

We call on all trade unionists and socialists to fight for these demands inside the unions, the left and the entire labour movement.

To make this campaign real, we need to co-ordinate actions. We might disagree on many questions, but it is urgent to unite to defend the basic principle that picket lines mean don’t cross! To work with us towards organising this, contact us:

workershammer@btconnect.com - @WorkersHammer - 020 7281 5504

Endorsed by Richard Hall, veteran of 1984-85 NUM strike, Warsop Main Colliery

This campaign is initiated by the Spartacist League

Read Workers Hammer.

An initial endorser of this campaign has withdrawn his endorsement. See: Steve Hedley chooses puritanism over picket lines

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