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The Spartacist Group Pilipinas and the Partisan Defense Committee in the United States join Anakbayan in condemning the police attacks on the Manila May Day march. In the course of the police violence, six activists were arrested for protesting outside the U.S. Embassy against the Balikatan military exercises and the U.S. military forces stationed in the Philippines. These activists were imprisoned and face charges of violating Batas Pambansa No. 880 (the Public Assembly Act). We demand: Release the Mayo Uno 6! Drop the charges now!

The prosecution of the Mayo Uno 6 is intended to silence opposition to U.S. imperialist domination and the imperialists’ vicious exploitation of the Filipino working people. All opponents of imperialism, the left and the labor movement have an interest in defending the Mayo Uno 6. We are publicizing this outrageous pro-imperialist attack internationally and we have donated to the Anakbayan legal defense fund. We urge other organizations to do the same. Ang laban ng isa ay laban ng lahat! An injury to one is an injury to all!

Donations to the Anakbayan legal fund can be sent by GCash (09955184958, Kate Almenzo) or LandBank (0597210388, John Venedict Vabrera).

— Committee of Correspondents Overseas,
Spartacist Group Pilipinas and
Partisan Defense Committee, U.S.
3 May 2024

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