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The Palestinian movement is paralysed. Israel’s war on Gaza and the Labor government’s support of this Zionist terror has been met with tens of thousands on the streets in protest week after week for almost five months. But the slaughter continues, and the situation of Palestinians becomes more dire by the day. Today the Zionist rulers threaten to unleash even greater death and destruction on the last pocket of refuge in Gaza. With each protest the numbers decrease, with little concrete impact against the onslaught.

The simple fact is, the movement will continue to dwindle unless it is organised on the basis of opposition to the U.S. alliance – the very thing which ensures that the ruling class and their Labor servants in Canberra will continue to back the genocide to the hilt. To revive the Palestinian movement it is urgently necessary to mobilise the broadest possible forces to break the Australian link in the U.S.-led imperialist chain supporting the Zionist killing machine.

- Spartacist League, 08 March 2024

Join us to mobilise a united front under the following demands:

  • Defend Palestine!
  • Break the American Connection!

We encourage all who agree to join us under this banner at upcoming protests, with full independence to argue for their strategy to defend Palestine and break the U.S.-Australia alliance. Please contact us if you would like to fight for these demands to advance the Palestinian movement.

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