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Bay Area
29 January 2024
Call for a United Front Protest:

Defend Palestine!

The Palestinian struggle is at a crossroads: While the genocidal offensive by Israel continues unabated in Gaza, the Palestinian movement here has dwindled and made no concrete impact on the slaughter. The main task facing activists is to revitalize the Palestinian movement by connecting the liberation of Palestine to the struggles of working people, black people and students in the U.S. against the common oppressor—the U.S. imperialist ruling class. The movement to free Palestine cannot go forward in partnership with Biden’s government or any representative of the Democratic Party, which is arming Israel to bomb Gaza. Activists have been targeted with firings, censorship, arrests and attacks for standing up against the genocide, and many stand alone and undefended. It is urgently necessary to mobilize students to build the Palestinian movement on campus and defend groups and individuals who have been targeted by the administration.

Spartacist League
21 January 2024

We propose a united-front demonstration at UC Davis in front of the Memorial Union on Monday, January 29th at noon with the slogans:

  • For Palestinian Liberation!
  • For Black Liberation!
  • Down with the Witchhunt of Pro-Palestinian Activists!

We urge all who agree with these slogans to join us in building the protest. Endorsers of these slogans will have time to present their strategy to free Palestine.